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Wonky Weeding

This week I was speaking with a client about cognitive distortions and how we can begin to challenge those irrational and negative narratives that happen in our thinking. As we talked I was careful to highlight that having thinking errors or "wonky thoughts" is not something to beat yourself up about or to promote more shame inside of yourself.

Wonky thoughts are a lot like weeks in a garden. They just happen. It's not the fault of the garden or the gardener. No judgment necessary for the fact that weeds exist. They just do. And to be fair to the weeds--if they were growing in a different setting they wouldn't be weeds!

If a plant is not serving a purpose in that spot of ground gardeners will pull them out. Pulling weeds is a part of having a garden. Annoying? Yes! Time consuming? Yes!

Weeding is something to be done regularly to allow the desired plants to have the room to reach the sunlight, to not have to compete for water or nutrients.

It's the same for the wonky weeds in our mind. Regularly pulling them out will give the wanted more positive thoughts room to grow. So, do some wonky weeding and discard those thoughts that aren't serving you. No judgment or blame necessary.

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