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No, I'm Not Quoting a Movie...

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Baby Steps.

Although, if you've seen it, I guess it applies!

When I'm working with my clients I often ask them where they would rank themselves along a scale--usually between 1 and 10. "I'm at a two, maybe a three." A conversation follows about what that looks like, why a three and not a one or a zero or a -5! Then the next question:

What would a 3.25 look like?

Not a 10, not even a 4, but a 3.25. Change is not about huge progress all at once, it is about the next tiniest change. It is the deep breath before I yell at the car in front of me, as opposed to just outright screaming! And we celebrate that 0.25 change.

Recovery from depression and anxiety is all about the small changes. So, don't give up. Grab on to the 0.10 or the 0.01 and hope.

This week in our Depression and Anxiety class we talked about several different ideas for making a small change. Dr Nedley has designed a chart to remind, encourage and support those small changes.

Download a PDF of the score card here:

Score Card
Download PDF • 2.00MB

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