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My Super-Power

My super-power is organizing. Not only is it something I'm really good at, it is something that I love doing. Creating order out of chaos helps me mentally, it calms me down. My guess, somehow my brain knows if I can create order on the outside, it gives me a better shot of creating order on the inside!

Dr Nedley encourages us to find ways of being more organized. Here are a few of his suggestions:

  • Create a checklist of things that need to be done in order, especially as you incorporate new skills and work to create new habits.

  • Plan out your exercise including gear needed, routes, food, etc in advance and put it on the calendar.

  • Reuse a pot, (rinsed if needed) instead of a clean one.

  • Empty the dishwasher as soon as the cycle is complete.

  • Have soapy water in the sink and wash things as you cook.

  • When peeling vegetables and fruit, do it over a paper towel or bag. When you are finished fold the unwanted remains into the towel or bag and toss it immediately.

  • De-clutter. Make as much counter space as possible.

  • Clean the refrigerator weekly throwing out "forgotten" leftovers.

  • Don't live in an all-or-nothing place when it comes to house chores. If cleaning the whole room is overwhelming, spend 15 minutes cleaning and be encouraged for having taken a step toward your goal.

  • Beware of labels, disqualifying the positive and other thinking errors when it comes to being organized and doing chores.

  • If you have two items and only need one, get rid of the least desirable.

  • Ask a friend or loved one to hold you accountable to your goal of becoming more organized.

  • Keep things in the same place and return them there when you're done.

  • Organize into categories: Must keep, Occasionally used, Donate to others, Junk.

  • Make your bed when you get up. It can take less than 60 seconds and is more appealing when going to bed that night.

  • Work to get your finances organized.

  • Live within a budget and within your means.

  • Invest in education.

  • Sort your mail immediately.

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