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Apparently it is my favorite word.

Last week during the Depression and Anxiety Recovery class we talked about intentionally working on speaking positively with others and with ourselves. I took the challenge and I've been trying to speak optimistically. And have discovered that I say "stupid" frequently. I use it even more since I adopted a puppy. It's my catch all word, when I feel overwhelmed, uncomfortable, embarrassed it's "stupid". I didn't know that before. It's good to learn something new about my patterns that leave me vulnerable to depression.

I'll keep working on it.

Here's something to try: Try going for 14 consecutive days only saying positive things. Don't be critical of others or yourself. Invite your family and friends to support you. Turn it into a game at dinner, have a buzzer on your phone and hit it when anyone says anything negative! When you catch yourself being negative, stop right then and try again. Don't be too hard on yourself, forgive, let go and try again.

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